4 Telltale Signs Your Sewer Drain Needs Some Professional Attention

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Drain Cleaning

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Every time you flush a toilet or turn on a faucet, the water will eventually make its way to a sewer drain. An effective sewer drain, whether it’s associated with a business or a home, is one that effectively removes wastewater. But there are some telltale signs that you should be on the lookout for that suggest it’s time to make sewer drain cleaning in Durham a priority. Here are four of them.

Slow Drainage

Have you noticed that your dishwasher still has water in it after a cycle is finished? This is just one sign that your sewer drains may be draining slowly. A more obvious sign your sewer drain is the problem is slow drainage in every drain.

Water Backups

Since every water fixture in your home or business eventually links to your main sewer line, a blockage can also contribute to widespread water backups. You might notice this in the form of standing water in your bathtub, shower, washer, or sinks.

Foul Smells

When your sewer drain is in serious need of cleaning, the dirty water that’s headed to this destination can easily become trapped. As sewer water festers in your lines, you’ll notice the smell throughout your home or business. It’s especially noticeable during the warmer months.

Unexplained Sounds

It’s also time to schedule sewer drain cleaning in Durham if you hear unusual sounds coming from your drains. When water leading to your sewer drain is moving slowly or having to get into narrow spaces because of blockages, gurgling or bubbling sounds may be produced.

If you’ve noticed any of the telltale signs discussed here, don’t put sewer drain cleaning in Durham on the back burner. I am tackling sewer drain problems sooner rather than later can add up to significant savings and provide much-appreciated peace of mind.

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