There are two ways for a home or business to handle sewage. The first is to connect to a municipal utility that handles this problem. The second is a septic system. Septic tanks originated in the late eighteen hundreds when a French farmer envisioned a better method of sewage control. Up to this point, the most common method for dealing with this mess was a cesspool. Not a very effective way to treat sewage and particularly difficult on the local water table. In fact, the primary failure with cesspools is the way the effluent (waste water) is recycled in the ground. Cesspools tend to put effluent and waste matter back into the soil by leeching it through the sides and bottom of the pool. This can seriously affect the quality of the local drinking water.

Septic systems handle the problem by collecting the raw sewage in a large tank. The solid waste then settles on the bottom and the effluent will slowly leech away through a series of leech lines, also known as field lines. This allows the water to slowly percolate into the soil and filter away any contaminates. The rest of the waste is slowly consumed by enzymes which leaves a sludge on the bottom of the tank. This sludge gradually accumulates inside the tank and uses up all available space. Eventually the system need Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA.

The most common septic service is vacuum pumping the tank. This step should be performed every few years. The actual amount of time between tank pumping will vary with the amount of sewage the building generates. This also affects the size of the system including the number and length of the leech lines.

Another important Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA is replacing any chemicals. At one time, this was just the enzymes that consume the various proteins in the sewage. However, modern septic systems may use chemical sprayers to keep the effluent clean while spraying it over the lawn. This protects family, friends or employees from exposure to bacteria. Along with chemical treatment, it is also possible to have an aerator added to the system. Aeration makes it easier for any enzymes to reach the proteins in the solid waste. The end result is a cleaner tank and lower repair and service bills. Learn more by contacting the experts at Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning.

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