One of the worst plumbing disasters that can occur inside or outside the home is a clogged sewer line. In the case of an exterior problem, the clog could result in enough pressure to force a leak and leave a pool of raw sewage in the lawn. If the clog causes a backup into the home, the sewage could overflow the toilet, pour out of the shower drains, or generally result in a nasty mess. At this point, it is time to consider Sewer Cleaning Services in Columbia Maryland.

Sewer cleaning services vary with the problem at hand. For example, eliminating a clog caused by solid waste or other stuff flushed down the toilet usually requires the use of a rooter, also known as a pipe snake. This is a long, flexible cable with an auger attached to the end. Experts, like the ones at, can tell you that the rooter is the perfect instrument for eliminating clogs because the flexible cable allows the tool to go deep into the pipe while the auger provides it something to pierce the clog with. Unfortunately, the rooter doesn’t clean the interior of the pipe, so the problem could return as gunk builds up again.

One of the best Sewer Cleaning Services in Columbia Maryland is the hydro-wash system. The hydro-wash is a high-pressure wash that functions similarly to that in a car wash. The system uses pressurized water to scour the pipe walls and push any loosened waste into the sewage system. Cleaning the pipes like this can reduce the chance of future issues, but it may not eliminate every concern.

Sewer pipes are low-pressure systems, which means they are subject to various concerns. One of these possible failures is roots growing into the pipe. Roots can enter a sewer pipe at a break in the line or at a seam. Roots start very small and do not need much space when they begin searching for water but, as they grow, the root will require more room, which puts pressure on the pipe. This sort of pressure can cause seams to separate and cracks to spread. This particular problem is often found by using a video snake and inspecting the interior of the pipe.

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