Five Reasons for a Faucet Repair in Ferndale WA

by | May 31, 2019 | Plumbing

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Dealing with a leaking faucet is not only frustrating because the water won’t shut off all of the way, but it can end up costing you more money if the leak is not promptly addressed. There are many reasons for a leaking faucet, including those listed below.

1. Worn Out Washer

One of the most common reasons for a leaking faucet is a washer that has worn out. The rubber washer rubs against the value seat inside of the faucet when the water is turned on and the friction will eventually wear out the washer. This results in water dripping out around the washer and it cannot be stopped unless the washer is replaced during a faucet repair in Ferndale WA.

2. Incorrectly Installed Washers

If a worn out washer is replaced by one that is too small or if it isn’t installed correctly, the faucet will leak water continuously. It is important to hire a professional plumber to make repairs when your faucet is leaking. They are experienced in making plumbing repairs and will have quick access to washers of every size, so the correct one will be installed.

3. Worn Seals

If you have a disc faucet, then the inlet and outlet seals may be worn, causing your faucet to leak. With continued usage, sediment can get into the faucet’s assembly and cause the seals to become worn out. To prevent this, you should have a plumber regularly clean out the seals and remove any sediment that has accumulated in the assembly. If needed, the plumber can perform a faucet repair by replacing the seals.

4. Worn O-Ring

The handle of a faucet is held in place with a stem screw, and an O-ring is a small disc that is attached to the screw. With regular use of the faucet, the O-ring can become loose or worn out, causing water to leak around this area of the faucet. This problem frequently occurs in cartridge faucets and it is easily fixed by having your plumber replace the O-ring.

5. Loose Fittings

With constant usage, the parts around the handle of your faucet can become loose and cause water to leak from around the handle. There is a packing nut and an adjusting ring around the stem screw that can become loose. A plumber doing a faucet repair can either tighten the packing nut or replace it in order to stop the leak.

A professional plumber has the knowledge and experience to identify a problem right away and get it fixed quickly. He can help save you time, money and frustration by getting the leak fixed promptly and doing the job right the first time. Visit the website at Like us at Facebook.

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