There is no rule that says the hardware used in a bathroom must only be functional. In fact, opting to include Decorative Plumbing Hardware that is attractive as well as useful will make a huge impact on the look of the space. Here are a few points to consider when selecting the right hardware for a bathroom makeover. The Finish of the Hardware While the home-owner could always go with a standard silver finish for the faucets, taps, and shower heads, why not step outside of the box? What would happen if instead of the typical silver, the home-owner decided to go with a gold finish? That would certainly create a more sophisticated look with the black porcelain used for the main features of the room. Gold is not the only alternative to think about. What would happen if the owner chose to go with jet black hardware, possibly with a matte finish rather than a glossy one? This approach would certainly dress up those white porcelain vanities, tubs, and toilets.

The Design of the Hardware

Updating the look of the bathroom can easily include going with a different style of the key fixtures. For example, perhaps the older vanity sported separate hot and cold water taps. Since the idea is to give the space a more contemporary look, why not opt for a single nozzle that is flanked with hot and cold taps on each side? The same is true for the shower head. The old one basically stuck out of the wall. Consider the idea of having a plumber install one shower head that drops from the ceiling, and then add two side shower heads that can provide pulsating streams of water. With a little imagination, the shower begins to take on the feel of a spa. The first time that the home-owner steps in the shower after a rough day at the office, it will be easy to see how those three heads utilized in unison will help drain away the tension. Never feel trapped into making do with run-of-the-mill hardware for the bathroom. Step outside the box and consider some different options that dress up the space and increase functionality. The investment in that Decorative Plumbing Hardware will be worth every penny.

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