How to Choose the Most Practical Bathroom Fixtures for Busy Families

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Plumbing Services

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Choosing Bathroom Fixtures for busy households can be a bit of a challenge. While looks are certainly important, you need fixtures that are sturdy, long-lasting and easy to clean–especially if you have children or pets. When you’re shopping for bathroom fixtures, here’s what to look for to make sure you end up with hardware that’s both practical and attractive.

Buy a Durable Material

When it comes to fixtures like faucets and knobs, durability is key. Bathroom fixtures come in many different materials, and some are definitely sturdier than others. Choose fixtures made of brass or die-cast zinc alloy if you want your fixtures to hold up over time. What to avoid? Stay away from anything made of plastic. Although the price may be appealing, plastic-based fixtures can easily crack or break under stress.

Choose the Right Finish

If you want easy cleaning in the bathroom, choose the finish of your new Bathroom Fixtures carefully. The easiest finishes to clean and maintain are “brushed” or “satin” finishes; these muted finishes easily hide water marks and fingerprints so you don’t have to clean them as often. The most high-maintenance fixtures feature high-shine finishes like chrome or polished nickel. These finishes will require frequent care to maintain their brightness.

Opt for Basic Shapes

Artistic or antique-looking fixtures featuring long, slim handles and ornate detailing may look lovely, but they’re not very practical for busy bathrooms. Instead, opt for basic, sturdy shapes when you’re choosing faucets and knobs. Simple round or square knobs and shorter, thicker faucets are far less likely to break under stress. If you have young children, opt for rounded shapes in lieu of ones with sharp edges.

Invest in an Adjustable Shower Head

If you’re busy or have children or pets, a pole-mounted adjustable shower head can make your life a lot easier. Not only will it make bath-time quicker and more efficient, but it also makes cleaning the bathtub or shower a breeze. If you’re replacing bathroom fixtures, you should consider in investing in this handy tool.

The most practical bathrooms for busy families feature durable, easy-to-clean fixtures that will hold up over time. For a great selection of family-friendly bathroom fixtures, visit

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