Inspection Cameras Can’t See Everything In San Mateo Sewer Pipes. They Can See These

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Plumbing Company

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Homeowners sometimes have recourse to plumbing services when they detect backups or clogs in their pipes. The plumber will run a camera down the pipes to see what he can see. However, a sewer inspection camera San Mateo CA area can’t see everything in those pipes. Here’s why, and here’s what they can see.

What They Can’t See

When homeowners exchange dirty air filters for clean new ones, they exclaim over the crud on the filters. Now imagine the same crud coating the pipes leading to your sewers. The crud is compsed of grease, slime, hair, twigs, and other debris. Would you be able to detect a crack in the pipes through all that crud? Of course not. Neither can an inspection camera.

What They Can See

Tree roots look for water to prolong their very existence. Tree roots will travel wherever they must to get it. If pipes are in the way, roots will crash through the pipes. It takes a long time to happen, though, but when it does, the water exiting the house has nowhere to go. Thus, it backs up. A sewer inspection camera San Mateo CA will easily see the roots.

What else can the camera see? Leaks and breakages happen in pipes made of various materials. Older homes with older pipes used cast iron or clay, which erode or break over time. While cameras can’t see a crack through the sludge, they can see separation in pipes.

Cameras can see the joints and tees joining pipes turning corners going from the roof through the house and out into the sewer lines. Blockages often get caught in these joints, and the camera will see the exact location of the clog. If you experience a clog or backup, you’ll need professional assistance. Contact Works Plumbing & Rooter at for help.

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