Maintenance for Swimming Pool Pumps in Bel Air MD

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Plumbing

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A swimming pool pump is one of the most important elements of a pool. This pump system circulates water to remove debris for enhanced pool sanitation. Because this system has such an important function, it’s necessary to perform regular maintenance on it. The following suggestions can be used for upkeep on swimming pool pumps in Bel Air MD.

It’s advisable to clean a pool pump’s basket when the water is skimmed, preferably once a week. Clogged baskets make it more difficult for a pool’s pump system to work correctly. A pool owner should turn off the pool pump before cleaning the pump’s basket. A pool heater should also be turned off if a pool has one. If the pool’s heater was in operation, a person should wait turn it off and wait for five minutes before turning off the pool pump. The skimmer and main drain valves should then be closed off.

Next, a homeowner should remove the pump lid and use a garden hose to remove any debris in the basket. During this time, the pump should be inspected for damage. The pump basket should then be replaced according to the manufacturer’s directions. The pump lid and o-ring should be inspected for damage. Replace these two items after the inspection. Before opening the main drain valve and the air relief valve, the filter valve should be in the “filter” mode. The pool pump should then be restarted, the other skimmer valves should be opened one at a time. Before closing the valve, a pool owner should verify that there is a steady flow of water.

Cleaning a skimmer basket is simpler but does require a few steps. A pool owner should turn the pool pump off first. Then, the skimmer lid should be removed followed by the skimmer basket. A person should turn this basket over and shake out the contents. A garden hose can be used to dislodge any remaining materials. The skimmer basket and skimmer lid should be replaced before turning the pump back on. For more information on Swimming Pool Pumps in Bel Air MD, a pool owner can browse our website.

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