If you’re looking to promote your café or restaurant’s brand and products, one of our portable coffee carts might be the way to go! If you’ve never considered street vending, or taking part in a festival or event to advertise your food, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that taking your products on the go can cause a considerable boost in your sales.

Promote On the Go
Trying to reach more customers and spread the word about your product? Take it on the road! Setting up one of our food service and coffee carts, complete with your own advertising, can really pique the interest of passerby. You might want to stake out in a local area that gets a lot of foot traffic, or participate in a street fair or outdoor food festival in your city. When customers visit your portable coffee carts, give them free samples or coupons along with their purchase. You’ll create more of an incentive to come visit your main restaurant or café!

Events and Startups
Street fairs aren’t the only place you can stake out to serve some coffee and treats and get people talking. You might want to look into bringing one of our carts to big draws like conventions, arena shows, or other events where huge crowds will be centered. This isn’t only a chance to boost sales, but also an opportunity to get people talking and wanting more.

On the smaller side of things, if you’re just starting up a food service company, using portable coffee carts might be the perfect way to introduce your goods and start small by building a fan base and creating more demand for your product. A portable coffee cart could be a much less scary investment than renting a huge space for a restaurant. As your popularity grows, you can add more products and more cart locations. Even if you eventually grow large enough to have your own brick and mortar restaurant, it doesn’t hurt to keep your visibility up and have some easily accessible, portable locations around the area as well!

As you can see, there are many uses for our portable coffee carts, and with a bit of planning and creativity, you can gain some more traction for your brand and create an advertising buzz. Portable carts for food service can be quite versatile and trendy, and a great way to grab some extra attention by creatively promoting your products. If you’re interested in investing in some portable coffee carts for your restaurant or food service startup, check us out today!

Looking to boost sales and spread a buzz about your menu? Check us out at Monsam Enterprises for portable coffee carts to help your products reach new customers.

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