During cold periods, it is necessary to keep your house warm and create a habitable environment in both commercial and residential buildings. An efficient heating and cooling system is essential in regulating indoor temperatures, minimizing carbon emissions and reducing your power bills. There are different types of heating systems that you can use in your home. The type that you choose is determined by several factors, and it is up to you to select a system which meets your needs and suits your environment. A Heating Contractor can help you in choosing the right heating system. The choice will be determined by such factors as the climate where you live, utility costs, your budget and whether your home is new or old.

There are four types of heating systems available at Horizon Services Inc. Gas and oil systems operate by evenly circulating heat through ducts. They have a sealed combustion mechanism where external air is used to burn the fuel. Energy efficiency is increased and toxic gases are prevented from entering your house.

Boilers circulate heated steam or water through pipes. The radiated heat is confined to the floor and does not rise, making sure that the floor is kept warm for long duration. It is more efficient than the gas and oil system.

Heat pumps are ideal in areas where gas is not readily available. They provide an economical, energy-efficient way of keeping your house warm. Electric resistance system has a heating element which heats the air. Warm air rises while the cold air is drawn at the bottom of the system. It is, however, more expensive compared to the other systems.

Heating systems can, however, breakdown if they are not properly maintained and repaired by a Heating Contractor like Horizon Services Inc. Make sure that the thermostat is functioning well and that all electrical connections are tightened. All moving parts should be lubricated to minimize friction. The condensate drain should be regularly checked to make sure that it is not leaking. Leakage can affect the humidity levels in the house. Finally, all the heating components such as the burner combustion and the gas pressure should be closely monitored to ensure that they are operating well.

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