A sump pump is the ultimate water defense mechanism for basements. Unlike other means, the pump is designed to move large amounts of water out of the area very efficiently. Once the need for a sump pump is determined, the next step in the process is to get it installed. The process of installation can be extensive depending on the size and layout of the basement. These are a few ways to help prepare for this project.

One of the first steps of the Sump Pump Installation in Hudson FL is to dig up the concrete floor around the border of the basement. This requires the removal of concrete, so the piping can be laid down. Since this area is going to be exposed, any flooring already laid down should be removed from the border. Make sure to take up several extra inches to prevent damage that can occur from the jackhammer.

Any items stored against the wall or low-lying shelves will also need to be removed. This will keep the areas accessible to the crews. Because the pipe is used to direct all of the water to the sump pump, these areas should be made accessible before the installation date. If the items are valuable, they should be relocated to protect against incidental contact and construction dust.

Once the workers have a clean slate, it is time to look at the HVAC system. Depending on where the air intake valves and filters are, they need to be addressed before the Sump Pump Installation in Hudson FL. Because there is going to be a lot of dust from digging through the concrete layer, it can get into the HVAC system and spread throughout the entire house. Simple preventive measures can be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen. If there are any family members with allergies, they may need to be temporarily relocated.

The sump pump is a critical piece of defense against water intrusion. Because it is designed to cover the entire basement, there is some construction work that needs to be done. By pulling up the flooring, picking up any stored items and addressing the HVAC system, the preparation work is finished. Check out ALL-TECH Well Drilling & Pump Repair for more information about the installation process.

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