Preventive maintenance can help keep a home’s plumbing in top condition. While some believe that maintaining shower drains, toilets and pipes are costly; it is better to spend a little on prevention than to spend a lot on repairs. The tips below can help homeowners avoid paying for damage that could have been prevented.

Regular Water Heater Inspection

Residential water heaters can last for ten years or more with proper care. Because the water heater is used every day, it is important to check it at least once per month for potential issues. Lower the thermostat to 115 degrees to prevent the unit from overheating and notify a plumber in Azle TX immediately if the unit is not draining as it should.

Upgrading Fixtures and Hoses

Homeowners should consider replacing old, worn rubber hoses with metal ones; this applies to other fixtures such as valves, pipes, and waterline raisers. Modern homes have complex plumbing systems because they have more water-using appliances. Homeowners can look for signs of water damage from leaking fixtures, such as cracks, water stains, and mold growth.

Sink Drain Maintenance

The drains in the kitchen and sink are likely to become clogged with debris such as soap scum, hair and food particles, but periodic cleaning can prevent such issues. Save the call to an emergency plumber by not washing grease and oil down the drain, and by having regular maintenance.

Checking the Main Shutoff Valve

It is important for homeowners to know where the main water valve is located. A plumber will show the owner that it is next to the water meter or well pump. The valve allows the user to immediately stop water flow in case of an emergency.

Regular Tune-Ups

Homeowners should hire a plumber yearly to inspect the entire system for potential problems. Only licensed plumbers can find and fix hidden damage caused by clogged drains and backed up sewer systems. A plumber in Azle TX with Business Name can test the system and suggest repairs based on their findings. While it may be costly to call in a plumber, a bit of preventive maintenance can prevent a future plumbing emergency.

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