Importance of Using a Backflow Prevention Service in Smyrna TN

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Plumbing Contractors

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When it comes to protecting the water supply, no installation is more important than Backflow Prevention Service in Smyrna TN. Some may be wondering what do these specialized installations do and what makes them so important in the first place? Below is some information to help understand this important system.

What is Backflow?

The term “backflow” refers to any time when pressure changes cause water in pipes leading to a home or business to flow in the opposite direction than they normally do. Instead of having wastewater flow away from the home, this would cause the contaminated liquid to flow back into the main water supply.

The most common cause of backflow results from municipal water line breaks, issues with home water service, and the use of fire hydrants. Without a way to stop backflow, these situations can cause dish soap, pesticides, and human waste to enter the drinking water, resulting in serious health hazards.

What Does a Backflow Prevention System Do?

In order to stop drinking water contamination, backflow prevention systems are an absolute necessity. These devices are unbelievably simple, yet effective, essentially operating as a gate that ensures water will only ever flow in one direction. When backflow does occur, this gate puts an immediate stop to the flow of water.

Backflow prevention systems are usually installed along any water line where contamination could occur. This includes well systems and irrigation lines. Many states and municipalities require the installation of a backflow preventer for commercial and residential structures. This is to ensure the continued safety of the water supply.

These systems are commonly placed in buildings where clean water cross-connects with anything such as a large boiler. These can present a backflow hazard when the pressure gets too high, pushing the dirty water back up into the clean water system.

Those who opt for Backflow Prevention Service in Smyrna TN will find that having the right water control devices in their building or home will make all of the difference in keeping the property safe. The Plumbing Company to turn to is Holt Plumbing. Their certified backflow technicians install, rebuild, replace and test backflow preventers. Call them today to schedule an appointment. They offer discounts to the military and seniors.

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