A faucet leak is a common reason for a plumbing maintenance call, and it can really dampen a business owner’s day. There are many causes for Industrial Faucets Repair in Allentown, and failing to repair a leak can cause costly problems in the long term. A single leaking faucet can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year, which can fill a swimming pool. Below are five reasons for faucet leaks.

Water Pressure

If a faucet leak changes according to water usage or time of day, high water pressure may be to blame. If the water pressure exceeds the recommended specifications, it can cause internal parts to fail prematurely. Excessive water pressure can create leaks in other places because flow backs up. When the business owner is in doubt, turning the water pressure down a bit can help.

Loose Pieces

The more often a part is used, the more frequently it will need tightening, repair or replacement. Continual use can cause packing nuts and adjusting rings in steam screws to loosen, which may create a leak near the faucet handle. In some cases, tightening the packing nut can provide a quick fix, but new parts can always resolve the problem.


A poorly installed or worn washer is another common cause of faucet leaks. Every time the faucet is utilized, the washer is pressed into the valve seat, which creates resistance and friction. Eventually, the washer must be replaced with one of the right size to prevent future leaks.

Accumulated Sediment

When the faucet is used, water sediment gradually builds up and causes the inlet seals, valve seat, and outlet seals to fail prematurely. If the faucet isn’t maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, leaks can result. Sediment can be cleared by a plumbing professional to ensure that internal parts aren’t damaged.

If the business owner lacks the experience, they can call a plumber for Industrial Faucets Repair in Allentown. Local plumbers will show the owner the various steps in the process, so they can learn how faucets work in the event of future problems. Click here to schedule a service call or to get more information on faucet repair.

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