Most homeowners don’t know it, but they’re supposed to flush their water heater tanks once per month. This step removes mineral scale, sediment, and silt, but it’s surprising how many skip it altogether. Rather than following their example, invest in regular flushes and enjoy the below benefits.

Less Noise

When a water heater starts to make crackling, banging, or popping noises, scale buildup is a likely culprit. Some may think that the problem has gone away when the noise stops, but that’s not the case; the scale layer has only solidified to the point where water can no longer get through. If this happens, call for a tank flush or Water Heater Repair in Saginaw TX right away.

Water Heats Up Faster

The more sediment is on the bottom of the tank and on the unit’s electrodes, the longer it takes to heat water for household use. Anyone who’s ever been forced to take a cold shower when the hot water runs out knows how inconvenient this is, but a simple flush can get things back up to speed.

Lower Operating Costs

The harder the heating element has to work to heat the water, the more energy the unit will use. This translates to higher energy bills, as well as increased spending on Water Heater Repair in Saginaw TX. Regular tank flushes can significantly decrease overall operating costs.

Longer Equipment Life

Built-up scale can cause premature failure in different ways. In electric units, scale causes electrodes to fail. In gas units, the buildup turns into an insulating layer between the water and its heat source. The metal at the bottom of the tank gets excessively hot, which may cause leaks and total failure. Compared to the cost of a new unit, occasional flushes are a real bargain.

Keeping the Warranty Intact

Another important benefit of regular tank flushes is that it will keep the manufacturer’s warranty in effect. Most units’ warranties don’t cover scale failure, and homeowners need proof that the cause can be excluded if the tank fails. Call the pros or Visit Us online to schedule fast, efficient water heater service.

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