Plumbers see it time and time again, homeowners who try to fix water and plumbing problems themselves, instead of calling in a professional Ontario plumber to take care of the problem for them. Many times, this ends up with the homeowner paying more to have their own mistakes fixed than it would have cost them to simply call in a plumber to begin with. Below you will find some top signs that you need to call in a plumber instead of trying to fix a plumbing or water problem yourself.

Toilet, Sink or Bathtub Won’t Drain

You can unclog simple toilet clogs with a plunger and sometimes even over the counter products, however, if those are failing to do the job or all three of these items are refusing to drain at once, you might have a serious problem. This is the time that you need to rush to the phone and get an Ontario plumber out to your home right away to fix the problem.

Frozen Pipes

It may seem like a good idea to take the hair dryer and head out to thaw those pipes that froze in the middle of the night, but it isn’t. Trying to take the do it yourself, DIY, approach to frozen pipes can end up with you having cracked pipes or worse the pipes could burst completely, leaving you with a mess and a high plumbing bill. Instead, of trying to tackle the problem yourself, call in the experts and let them do it the right way.

These are just a couple of the top signs that you need to call in an Ontario plumber instead of trying to fix your plumbing yourself. To find a reputable plumber to suit your needs, contact professionals today for help.

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