Since most plumbing pipes are in walls or under floors, it can often be difficult for a homeowner to know where a leak is. Though they could tear out walls and flooring to find a leak, this is not the most sensible approach. When a homeowner believes they have a leak, it is crucial they call a plumber for Leak Detection Memphis. A plumber has the right tools and equipment, so a home does not have to be dismantled in the process of finding and fixing a leak.

There are several signs that can alert a homeowner they have a leak in their home:

* Increased water bills are a telltale sign of leaks. It is imperative homeowners keep track of their municipal water bills each month. If higher bills are noticed with no corresponding increase in water usage, a leak may be the problem.

* Many homeowners may notice the sound of running water even when no faucet is on. This may be heard in the walls or in the flooring. If this sound is heard and a homeowner is sure no water is on, they need to call for Leak Detection Memphis.

* Puddles or saturated ground around the base of a home can often be a sign of a water leak. If the problem is not coming from a gutter problem, it can be helpful to call a plumber to make sure there are no leaks that need to be taken care of.

* A slab leak is a type of leak that occurs under the cement slab of a home. When one of these leaks is present, homeowners may feel hot spots in their floor. These are typically only felt when the hot water line is leaking.

If any of these signs is noticed, a plumber can be called for Leak Detection Memphis. Using special equipment, the plumber will be able to pinpoint the link so the specific area of a home can be opened. With leak detection services, a homeowner can be saved hundreds of dollars in repair costs by avoiding unnecessary destruction. Visit here for more details.

Those who feel their home may have a leak should contact Drain Go Plumbing in Memphis right away. They are the plumbing professionals homeowners call when they need a plumbing job completed properly. With their expert services, a leak can be detected and quickly repaired.

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