While a home’s sewer lines might last for decades, they, like all other parts of the home, have a shelf life. The longevity of a sewer system is affected by the materials used in construction, and the level of care homeowners have given it over the years. Use the information in this guide to determine when there may be a need for Sewer Services in Edison NJ.

Persistently Slow Drains

All drains are susceptible to clogs, but most will clear up with the right care. However, a continually slow drain may indicate a clog deeper in the sewer lines. A clog in the main line typically requires professional cleaning to get things flowing once again.

Multiple Backups

All fixtures in home use the main line to remove wastewater. Once there’s a problem in that line, it may spread to every fixture in the home. When the toilet backs up into the tub, or when sinks fail to drain, homeowners should suspect an issue within the sewer system.

Foul Odors

Clean showers and sinks should not have an odor. Foul smells may be caused by something as simple as insufficient use, or they may be due to more serious issues such as drain pipe cracks. These pipes have small curves called P-traps, which contain water that prevents sewer gases from getting into the home. When fixtures aren’t used for a long time, the water evaporates. Begin by running water into the drain to fill the trap. If odors persist, call for Sewer Services in Edison NJ.

Lush Patches of Grass

While sewage leaks pose health risks for families, plants tend to thrive on the nutrients in wastewater. Watch for abnormally green and tall grass above underground pipes and look for soggy patches as well.

Pest Issues

Rodents and insects need only a tiny opening to get into the home, and they thrive in the wet conditions created by a sewer leak. For these reasons, a homeowner may find themselves dealing with pest control and plumbing issues at the same time. Look for pests to appear near plumbing as a sign of potential sewer damage.

Sewer problems don’t have to bring life to a halt. Call Apollo Sewer & Plumbing today to schedule routine maintenance or emergency sewer repair service.

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