The water line that runs into a home is usually buried underground, which helps to protect it from the threat of damage and staves off any issues related to freezing during times of frigid weather. While a water line is typically designed to provide years of reliable use, there are times when problems related to corrosion or tree roots lead to a breach in the exterior pipe wall. The following are symptoms that signal the need for Water Line Repair in Clinton MD and should be addressed by a licensed plumber.

Inadequate Water Pressure

The water pressure in a home should remain steady, though some small fluctuations may be present when multiple faucets are used at the same time. If a homeowner notices that their water pressure has drastically reduced, it may be a sign that the water main has ruptured. A plumber will have tools that make it easy to identify the location of a leak and repair it to help prevent excessive water waste.

Well Pump or Meter Activity

Nearly every home will have either a good pump or a meter that runs from a city water connection, and when no water is running, a pump will not run, and a meter will not spin. If all of the water outlets in a home are off and there is still the presence of water usage present, it may indicate the need for Water Line Repair in Clinton MD. Be sure to disconnect the power to a pump or turn off the water main at the meter to ensure that a leak is contained.

Visible Ground Water Accumulation

One of the most common signs of a water line leak is the presence of water accumulating on the surface of the ground near the location of the breach. If a leak is detectable on the surface, it usually means that an exorbitant amount of water is leaking, and ignoring the issue may lead to flooding issues and property damage. Be sure to turn off the main water line supply and contact a plumber right away.

A broken water line should not be taken lightly. Contact B. McCall Plumbing and Heating and let one of their plumbers determine the cause of the problem and remedy it as quickly as possible. Visit us online to learn more and schedule a repair appointment without delay.

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