The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. From filling the tub to flushing the toilet, the plumbing in the bathroom is under continual stress. While the prudent use and regular maintenance can extend the life of bathroom plumbing, below are six signs that the restroom may need Plumbing Service in Lower Merion.

Knocking in the Pipes

If the pipes knock during showers or baths, there may be a serious issue. Knocking pipes have several causes, such as pipe pressurization, loose valves, high water pressure, or loosened support straps. The latter two causes are especially problematic, as they can cause pipes to shift and jerk. If left untreated, the plumbing can leak, and pipes can be damaged.

Low Water Pressure

Turning the tap on full pressure should provide a fast, steady water stream. However, if the water comes out with low pressure, or if it doesn’t come out at all, there is a big issue. A plumber will start by ensuring that the showerhead or faucet aren’t clogged. Low pressure can be caused by a variety of factors such as clogged pipes, a damaged water heater, or a burst pipe within the walls.

Constant Dripping

If the shower or sink are always dripping, there’s a problem. It may be that the pressure within the pipes is excessively high. While it starts as a minor issue, constant dripping can cause serious damage to the plumbing if it is left unresolved.

Slow Drains

Everyone has dealt with a slow-draining sink or tub, and in most cases, it is possible to fix with a drain cleaner or pipe snake. If these DIY methods aren’t successful, the problem likely lies deeper within the plumbing system. Standing water poses a severe health risk, and broken pipes can lead to mold growth behind the walls.

Insufficient Hot Water

All water heaters have a top capacity, and if the water is used too quickly, someone will have to wait for a hot shower. However, if the hot water runs out within just a few minutes, there’s a big problem. The issue could be a leak in the water heater or a problem with the unit’s thermostat. In either case, the homeowner should contact us for Plumbing Service in Lower Merion.

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