With a summer just around the corner, keeping your home cool is becoming a priority and the best way to keep those energy bills under control is with regular Air Conditioning Service in Whitehouse Station NJ. An air conditioner is a heat exchange system. It does this by condensing a refrigerant and forcing it through a series of coils. The first coil is the evaporator coil located inside the building. At this point, the refrigerant collects the heat and carries it out of the building. This collection method cools the metal of the coil and causes condensation. Over time, this condensation will mix with any dust flowing through the air exchange and eventually block the coil. An AC technician will need to remove the refrigerant, take out the coil and clean it in an acid bath to remove the built up gunk. This is usually done every four or five years. You can call Business Name for more details.

Air Conditioning Service in Whitehouse Station NJ is typically done to improve the efficiency of the unit. However, routine maintenance can also improve its service life. This is important for getting the most for your money since many systems only last ten to fifteen years. Replacing damaged components like a frozen condenser or burned out blower can help the unit survive longer and is much more affordable than replacing the whole thing. Other places in your AC that may require maintenance or repair are the various electronic controls and the thermostat. An air conditioner uses electronic switches to control the on and off cycles of the system. Over time, these switches can fail and render your air conditioner nonfunctional.

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment on the AC is the thermostat. This little system is designed to cycle the air conditioner whenever the temperature in the space changes. When the air around the thermostat gets too warm, it signals the AC to start its cycle. That is, the air conditioner begins compressing the refrigerant and pushing it through the coils. After the room has cooled, the thermostat will send a signal so the system can stop. If these signals aren’t sent, then the AC may never come on or worse, never stop cooling. The latter can result in a frozen unit and a ruptured coil. To learn more about air conditioning Visit the website of Schaibles Plumbing & Heating.

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