There are two aspects of the plumbing in your home or business, the fresh water supply which pipes and controls water used for cleaning, cooking or drinking and the drain lines that function to remove any sewage from the building. Both sides may need the occasional repair, but most folks will contact a plumber whenever a clog backs up the sewage. The main reason for this is because clogs can be hard to remove and most of the time they are difficult to locate. The drains in your home or business can clog in simple locations such as the pipe traps or deep in the pipes outside the building. When the latter occurs the fault could be due to waste in the pipes or roots in the system.

Drain problems can be tough to locate which is why a plumber will use specific tools. To find a tough clog deep in the lines, they will use a flexible cable with an attached video system, sometimes known as a video snake. This system allows them to see what is causing the problem and to determine the best method of repair. For instance, if the pipes are cracked and roots have taken over, then they will need to eliminate the roots first and then seal the pipe. The latter can be done by digging up the damaged portion or with a trenchless sewer pipe repair.

A trenchless repair uses a sleeve that is inserted into the damaged pipe which effectively blocks the problem. The repair begins by accessing the sewer pipe as close to the home as possible. This reduces the amount of digging required to access the pipe. Trenchless repair is usually more budget friendly, but the repair may not last as long as sewer pipe replacement.

Some sewer line problems are noticeable because they leak sewage into the surrounding soil. This problem can be due to a break in the line or shifting of the pipe that has caused a joint to disconnect. This problem may also be fixed with a trenchless repair if the break isn’t too large. If replacement of the pipe is necessary, then you will want to consider an expert contractor such as Drain Right Services. This way you know that the problem will be fixed correctly and that minimal damage will occur to your lawn. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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