Most people look forward to holiday get-togethers with friends and family. They bake and cook for parties and plan everything so it’s perfect. That is until the unexpected happens in the form of a clogged drain or insufficient hot water. A Plumber in Cranberry Township PA receives all sorts of emergency calls over the holidays, and they know how to handle them all. Below, readers will learn how to prevent the most common holiday complaints.

Cold Showers

Many families have overnight guests during the holidays, and it’s important to ensure the water heater can keep up with the demand. Consider upgrading to a new unit with a bigger tank so there’s plenty of hot water for dishes, showers, and laundry. If the current unit is more than ten years old, a new, energy-efficient model will help a homeowner save money in the long term.

Clogged Sinks

The easiest way to prevent bothersome clogs is to be choosy about what goes down the garbage disposal. Don’t throw in stringy or starchy items like rice, pasta, celery, and potato peels, and don’t pour grease or oil into a sink drain. A good rule is to only throw in non-fibrous, soft foods. Everything else should go in the trash can.

Slow Drains

Holiday gatherings bring more people to the home, and crowds bring clogged drains. Prevent slow drains beforehand by using drain strainers over bathroom sinks and shower drains. These useful little tools cost less than $10 in most home improvement stores, but they can save hundreds in plumbing repairs.

Bad-Tasting Water

High-quality water will make any home feel more welcoming. If the home’s tap water is substandard and bottled water is getting expensive, consider a reverse osmosis setup for pure, good-tasting water. Not only do these systems provide great drinking water, but they also help families save money and protect the environment.

Call Today to Schedule Holiday Service

Preventive measures go far in stopping plumbing emergencies, but issues sometimes happen despite a family’s best efforts. If the family needs help from a Plumber in Cranberry Township PA to get through the holiday season, they can callĀ  to schedule service. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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