How to find a great plumbing company

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Plumbing Services

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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of plumbing companies but discovering one which is head and shoulders above the rest is difficult at best. Because plumbers are often needed quickly; perhaps you are suffering from a blocked drain or a broken pipe, waiting until the last minute to find a great Park Ridge plumbing company is not the way to go about it. To find a great plumber you need time, it is always best to search for the plumber long before you need him. The entire process should start with your asking around, almost everyone at one time or another has had to have a plumber visit their home; ask for referrals, a referral is a very good way to find a great plumber.

If you don’t have any luck when you talk to friends, neighbors and family then contact a general contractor, these companies hire plumbers frequently and they would be happy to provide you with the names and a reference for the companies they use. Other good sources for names are real estate agents who also often need the services of a plumber for a property under their care and ask the counter staff at a plumbing supply store, they know all the plumbers in the area.

Once you get a list of names remember, none of them have been interviewed by you yet, they are on your list because someone, somewhere, recommended them. As you begin calling do not hesitate to ask to speak to the owner or manager of the company. When you speak to a responsible person at a Park Ridge plumbing company you will quickly get a feel for the person and the company. Ask lots of questions, not necessarily about any specific job, tell them you are looking for a reputable plumber that you can call in the future when you do have a problem. Find out what they normally do, are they more involved in new installations or are they offering repair services, including day or night call-outs.

You will want to know that the company is licensed, bonded and insured. It is almost a guarantee that you are talking with a responsible Park Ridge plumbing company when they can prove to you that they have all their permits, licenses, etc in order and up to date. At this time you will also want to know what guarantee they offer for their service and materials used. You cannot expect the plumber to offer any guarantee on the old pipes that he did not touch but you can expect them to stand behind the work they did.

If you are looking for a great Park Ridge plumbing company then look no further than North Coast Sewer & Drainage. With over 35 years of providing the people in the area with first class hands on service you can be assured of quality work at competitive prices.

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