Plumbing problems can get pretty messy if you don’t tend to them soon after they occur. They can also leave you without safe bathroom fixtures. Plumbing issues don’t just make a mess. They can also make you and the people you live with sick, not to mention in a financial hole.

A Cheap Remedy for Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are often caused by matter like hair, paper towels, tampons, pads, or other objects that don’t belong in drainpipes. Getting these items out can require the help of a mechanical drain snake, which you should seriously consider investing in. It’s better to pay $20 now for a drain snake than to pay $200 later to call a provider of plumbing services in Edmond, OK, to come to your home and do the same thing.

What to Do About Poor Water Pressure in the Shower

If your water pressure isn’t usually low in the shower but it all of a sudden drops to a low level, there’s something wrong with your shower head or the plumbing that carries water from the source to the shower head. You may need to clean the shower head with something like CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust), a popular home cleaner used frequently on shower scum, to open its holes back up, thereby allowing more water to flow through. That’s a lot cheaper and more convenient than calling for plumbing services in Edmond, OK.

How to Resolve a Garbage Disposal Clog

To get clogged garbage disposals back in action, first try pressing the disposal unit’s reset button. If that doesn’t work, immediately remove power from the disposal. If you can’t do that, use the tool that came with the garbage disposal to temporarily take the motor out. To prevent this from happening again, simply be careful what you put in your garbage disposal.

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