Things To Do Before Calling A Dracut, MA Heating Repair Company

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Plumbing Contractors

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There is nothing worse than coming home from work or getting up on a cold fall, winter or spring morning in Dracut, MA to find your house is as cold inside as it is outside. While the first thing you may want to do is called a heating repair service, there are three quick checks you can make that may solve the problem if it is something basic.

It is essential to know the type of furnace in your home. The most common form of heating in the state, according to, is the use of natural gas. This is followed by fuel oil and then furnaces that run on electricity. There are different issues that can be problematic with each type of furnace, but one that is common to all three.

Test the Thermostat

With an old style of wall-mounted thermostat, it is possible for the control to be bumped and moved. Check to make sure the system is set to heat and that the desired temperature is selected.

In newer thermostats not directly wired into the homes electrical supply, low or dead batteries may just require replacement. Checking these simple issues are not the problem before calling a heating repair service in Dracut, MA can save you the cost of the service call.

Tripped Breakers or Power Problems in the Home

In some cases, the power to the Dracut, MA home may be off, which prevents an electric furnace from operating. Due to safety issues, natural gas furnaces are designed to stay off when the power is also off. These furnaces use electrical systems and circuits to control the blower motor as well as the switches that control the flow of gas into the unit.

If a breaker is tripped, but the rest of the power is on to the home, try resetting the breaker. If it trips again, call your heating repair service immediately as this can indicate an electrical short or other problem in the furnace.

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