Urinals are an important part of any commercial bathroom. While most people probably envision the standard old-fashioned urinal requiring gallons of water per flush, there are many variants of Urinal Fixtures in Ferndale WA which can be customized to virtually any type of situation. Here are just a few of the different urinals one can expect to see in commercial settings.

Non-Water, High-Efficiency Urinals

Since the invention of, and subsequent proliferation of, these types of urinals, millions of gallons of water have been saved in North America. Interestingly enough, with the decrease in water being used per flush, the growth of manufacturers of these types of urinals has grown substantially. While some people are concerned with the environmental impacts of these urinals due to their use of chemicals, they have not been linked to any negative impacts on the environment. So not only are they great for the nation’s finite water supply, they are also a boon for the economy.

Low-Water Urinals

If the concern remains about the potential impact of non-flushing urinals, there is no need to stay with the standard technology of the past. Companies have also developed low-flush models, which are similar to low-flow toilets. The amount of water used per flush has been reduced, in most cases, to a half-gallon of water. In some very advanced Urinal Fixtures in Ferndale WA, the water used measures as low as one liter. These types of urinals bring the comfort of familiar technology and combine it with the advanced environmental sustainability that many have come to expect.


When purchasing any kind of updated urinal or toilet, make sure it carries the WaterSense label. This is an official certification stating the urinal uses a maximum of a half-gallon of water per flush. Much like the Energy Star label, it is an industry standard giving peace of mind to both installer and consumer that they are purchasing responsible hardware for their bathroom needs.

For more information about environmentally responsible urinals and which variant would work best for a building owner’s particular situation, contact experts such as Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc who can guide the interested party to the correct purchase. Like us on Facebook.

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