Polyvinyl chloride pipe or PVC pipe is constructed out of a special mix of plastic and vinyl that makes the piping durable, non-rusting, non-rotting, and very long lasting. That makes it an excellent choice for the piping required in things like plumbing or sewer systems.

Polyvinyl Chloride Created after BF Goodrich Experiment

PVC was originally invented by Dr. Waldo Semon, from BF Goodrich in 1925. He was trying to create a way to bond rubber with metal, which created the material now known as polyvinyl chloride. This material wasn’t used much for the next 10 years until someone saw that it was a good shock absorber and used it for making tread for tires.

The PVC pipe came about 20 years later. And now, the experts at Flex PVC are helping people to find and purchase the types of PVC piping they need to complete their projects or make repairs in their home or office. The pipes are made in various sizes and shapes by a process known as extruding where the heated PVC material is pushed into hollow pipes to create it.

PVC Pipe is Affordable and Reliable for Water Systems

The advantages of PVC pipe are that it is very affordable, and is almost impossible to damage. It is also very reliable when it comes to its use in water systems. Another great advantage is that the material is resistant to being contaminated by bacteria like the deadly E. coli, which makes it great for sewer systems. Plus, it holds up extremely well in earthquakes, so it’s great for use in places like California.

This kind of piping is also thought to be quite safe for use as long as the pipes were made after 1970. Pipes made before that time were found to leach out chemicals into the fluid running through them, and so could potentially contaminate water systems. However, since that time, new processes are used to make the materials, so there is far less risk of this type of occurrence.

Polyvinyl chloride is one of the best types of piping to use in plumbing and other types of water systems. It is durable, low cost and available in hundreds of sizes and fittings. If you want the best possible deals on PVC pipes contact our experts. They are standing by to provide knowledgeable advice on everything plumbing and will help you find the right equipment for your next project or repair.

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