What You Need to Know About Fixing Slow Drains or Damaged Pipes

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Plumbing Company

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There are many different reasons why a drain could be slow or completely clogged. However, it may not be possible to determine the exact cause without inspecting a pipe with a camera. A video camera inspection in Vancouver, BC, could find that there are roots growing in a pipe or that it has experienced other significant damage.

Not All Plumbing Issues Require a Camera to Solve

The good news is that not all plumbing issues require the use of a camera to determine what is wrong. In many cases, something as benign as too much hair in a drain is causing water to backup into a tub or bathroom sink. A razor blade or child’s toy could also be the reason why water can’t get through a shower or toilet drain.

Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners on a Pipe

Regardless of the reason why your pipes are slow or clogged, do not use chemical cleaners in an effort to resolve the problem. This is because they can burn holes in them or cause them to become unglued from one another. A video camera inspection in Vancouver, BC, will likely highlight damage done by chemical cleaners.

In addition to damaging pipes, chemical cleaners can cause harm to a human or animal’s skin. In some cases, fumes can develop when the cleaner interacts with water, and those fumes may find their way into a kitchen or other frequently occupied space.

Damaged Pipes Will Need to Be Replaced

The only permanent solution to fixing a damaged pipe is to replace it with a new pipe that is in good condition. Typically, electrical or other types of tape lose their hold after two or three days. Furthermore, they generally don’t react well to changes in temperature or moisture in the air. Fortunately, most plumbers can provide emergency assistance if you need help quickly.

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