Staying cool in your home is often made easier with an air conditioning system. As with other electrical appliances and devices in your home, there is a possibility that something could happen that would warrant a repair of the unit. Here are a few signs that you might need to contact a company that provides services for air conditioning in Ennis, TX.

The Temperature of the Air

If you don’t feel cold air coming from the vents in your home or from a window air conditioning unit, then there is an issue that needs to be fixed. Most of the time, the Freon levels are low. The thermostat is another culprit that prevents cold air from flowing through your home. A company that works on air conditioning in Ennis, TX, can also exam the vents to determine if there are any blockages to prevent cold air from getting to your home.

No Air Flowing

Sometimes, there might not be air flowing through your vents at all. If you notice the issue in only one or two rooms, then there’s usually a blockage at that vent. If the issue is seen across your entire home, then the unit likely isn’t supplying the proper flow of air that’s needed. This issue could be the result of a motor that doesn’t work as it should or an air filter that’s clogged.

Continuous Running

Pay attention to how often the unit turns on and off. It shouldn’t run all the time without cutting off once the temperature in your home reaches a certain level. If you notice that the unit keeps running throughout the day, then the thermostat could be the problem as it’s not letting the unit know that the correct temperature has been reached. Another common solution would be a tune-up for the unit itself to ensure that the fuses, wires, and other components are working properly.

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