Every toilet suffers the occasional clog, and it’s perfectly normal to call a Toilet Drain Cleaner in Huber Heights OH for certain issues. However, it can be difficult to know when it makes more sense to replace a toilet than to repair it. A plumber can be a great source of info when a homeowner needs to make the decision. If any of these signs are present, it may be time for a new toilet.

Recurring Clogs

While clogs are a part of having a toilet in the house, they can be problematic. When it seems as if the toilet is always clogging, replacement may be a viable option. Clogs that increase in frequency can indicate that the old toilet can no longer flush effectively, and here, replacement is the way to go.

Repairs are Becoming More Frequent

When an appliance is used as often as a toilet is, it’s bound to require the occasional service call. However, there comes the point when the cost of replacement is less than the expense of recurring repairs. If a homeowner repeatedly calls a plumber or Toilet Drain Cleaner in Huber Heights OH, they may be better off replacing the toilet. Along with the prevention of expensive repairs, a homeowner can save on monthly utility bills.

Wasting Water

The newest low-flow toilet models use a little over a gallon of water per flush, and they are less likely to become clogged than older models. If a home does not currently have low-flow toilets, every usage could waste up to five gallons of water. The differences between old and new toilets could mean substantially lower water usage and a more eco-friendly home.

While most people don’t think much about the toilet until there’s a problem, it’s important to consider the costs and benefits of repair vs. replacement. If a homeowner is considering upgrading old toilets, the team at A & L Plumbing can help. For recommendations and prompt service, call or click today. Visit the website to find out more about the company’s services or to get easy maintenance tips that can keep the home’s toilets flowing normally.

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