Showers in the morning are a lot better when the water is hot. Turning the faucet on and jumping in only to find that the water has a chill is enough to make anyone start to worry about their water heater. But it isn’t always easy to figure out if the problem is something that can be handled at home or if it is time to call for water heaters repair in Great Falls, VA. Here are a couple of tips to help you decide.

Cold Water

Just because the water isn’t hot, it doesn’t mean that a repair is the first step. Instead, check the thermostat to see if something has changed. Start by making small changes to the thermostat to see if it makes a difference. If the temperature isn’t rising, something else could be wrong, and it’s time to bring in the professionals. Also, if the water is at the right temperature, but there isn’t enough water to last through a shower, there might be some sediment in the heater that needs to be removed.

Strange Smell

Ever notice a smell like rotten eggs coming from the water heater? Many homeowners notice the smell and want to know what’s going on with their unit. Once again, it could be the sediment that is creating problems. While it may be possible to overlook the smell as tends to only be noticeable near the heater, the more sediment that builds up in the tank, the more problems are sure to show up shortly.


It’s nice to have hot water, but it can be a problem when every time the heater starts working, it creates a distracting noise. It’s easy to assume that this too has to do with the sediment. However, there are other problems that need to be considered, making noises a common reason for water heaters repair in Great Falls, VA. There’s a chance that the heating element could be on its way out, meaning that things aren’t going to get better without a professional. Contact Business Name. if you can’t get your water temperature up, you notice a strange smell, or there are noises coming from the water heater.

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