When it comes to kitchen plumbing, there are some common issues to look out for. If you live in Northbrook, IL, you should call a qualified plumbing company to come out and take a look at your plumbing if any of these scenarios are seen at your home. They can quickly assess the problems and have your water running like normal in no time.

Low Pressure

A lot of homes experience low water pressure from time to time. The change in pressure can last a few seconds, and sometimes it can stay as is. Usually, this means there is a clog somewhere in your plumbing. The most common culprit is the aerator. There can be a lot of build-ups that happens here over time. The aerator may need to be treated or replaced in full.

There could also be a clog in your water lines. Your plumber has the tools to see if any dirt or debris is impeding the flow of water to your kitchen.

Leaky Faucet

The dripping sound that you hear from your kitchen faucet is enough to drive anyone insane. Sometimes, the problem stems from user error. The faucet may not be turned off completely after use. However, if you checked for this and still have a problem, it is time to call your plumber for a thorough inspection. The faucet could have a damaged seal around the base. This is common and can happen in any home over time with many years of use.

Clogged Sink

Kitchen sinks have a p-trap that is made to prohibit sewage and its gasses from coming up your pipes. The trap is shaped just like the letter and can get filled with food, grease, or debris after several years of use. If you have a significant clog, this could lead to a severe backup of water. Your local plumber can clean out the trap and have everything working in no time.

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