The Differences Between Brass and Copper Pipe Fittings

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Plumbing Contractors

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Copper and brass pipe fittings have different industrial applications. While the fittings of the two different metals can appear to be the same color, there are differences that can help distinguish between whether you have a brass or copper fitting. Because you must use the same metal throughout the entire system, the type of metal should be identified prior to the installation of the fittings.

One of the big differences between copper and brass Pipe Fittings is the wall thickness of the material. Copper generally has less thickness than brass because of its use in water piping. Brass fittings typically handle higher pressure systems. This means that the brass components used in certain systems need a thicker wall to protect against the higher pressure aspects. That thicker wall is also a result of being caste as part of their creation process.

Another big difference is the weight of the material. Since brass is an alloy, it is composed of several different metals. This makes brass weigh significantly more than a typical copper fitting. While this heavy material can be useful for some applications, the relatively light weight of copper can make it an appealing material to work with where weight is an a factor in system applications. The weight difference between the two can be felt when holding both metal fittings.

Copper Pipe Fittings has a different hardness factor than brass. Overall, brass is a much harder material. While brass isn’t quite as strong as steel, it is favored in applications that require a harder material than copper. The extra hardness of brass is not typically needed for some systems such as ferrying water. The hardness can be tested by looking at how easy it is for the material to bend. Brass will not bend at all when a slight pressure is applied.

These are some of the ways you can tell the difference between brass and copper fittings. Since you need the right metal of pipe fittings for the system you are attaching them to, it is important to distinguish the differences. Both metals of pipe fittings can be found at website domain.

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